Prepare yourself for the first real job interview by using these 5 tips.

You’ve graduated and now must land that perfect job. Do you know how to present yourself at the job interview?

You’ve graduated and now must land that perfect job. Do you know how to present yourself at the job interview?

Interviews Decoded

After graduating from high school or college you’re now ready for your first ‘real’ job. You’ve mailed out resumes and have been called in for your first interview. How do get success in your job interviews, so you wind up being offered the job? 

Interviews Decoded

1. Dress professionally:  

No midriff shirts, low-cut blouses or flip-flops because you’re going to work and not the beach, so you must wear a decent dress. While it’s not necessary to buy a suit, it is particularly important to look professional. If you’re trying to get a job in a conservative office such as an accounting firm, don’t dress as if you were going to a concert. If you are applying for a retail position, you have a little more freedom. Rather than list what clothing is and is not acceptable, I would tell you to dress properly as if you were going to meet one of the most important people in your life- because you are!

Interviews Decoded

2. Make sure you are well-groomed: 

Be hygienic, wash your hair properly and try to look fresh. Nothing will make the HR Manager bring the interview to a close faster than unwashed hair, dirty fingernails or body odor. You’ll represent the company as an employee and no customer wants to do business with an unkempt person. 

Interviews Decoded

3. Take care of your body language: 

A firm handshake at the start of the interview shows you are self-confident. Don’t forget to maintain eye contact, stay relaxed and be attentive to the interviewer. Ask questions and listen thoughtfully to the answers. Don’t answer instantly without thinking, think before you answer questions from the interviewer- don’t ramble and keep the conversation on the topic.   

Interviews Decoded

4. Make yourself prepared for the Interview:  

Do proper research – every business now has a website where you can learn what they do and who their customers are. This shows the interviewer you are interested in the job and took the initiative to find out all you could about the company. 

Interviews Decoded

5. Be present in the interview: 

I interviewed candidates who acted as if they were waiting for a bus.  They didn’t ask questions, but instead just listened to me, and I wasn’t sure if they were paying attention.  Be enthusiastic, ask questions, solve all your queries and participate in the interview.  After listing all the duties required for the position, I asked one candidate if this sounded like something, she’d be interested in. Her reply was quiet, “I can do the job.” She didn’t answer my question, she seemed indifferent, and she didn’t get the job. If you can’t be excited in the interview, you’re not going to be energized in the workplace either. Show your love for the work, show how eagerly you want this work, and be passionate about it. 

Opportunity comes one, never ignore it and make sure you let the interviewer know you want the job, are willing to work hard and will do your best. You might not necessarily be the most qualified candidate, but still, land the job because you were the most outstanding one. Now It’s your turn to show your ability that you can do the work and you can have a perfect job experience.

Good luck!

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