Lean Six Sigma - The Fundamentals

The Basic Concepts of Lean Six Sigma - Take Your Career & Organization to Meteoric Heights. Learn the Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma.

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Lean Six Sigma - The Fundamentals

Six Sigma is a methodology of process improvement and a statistical concept that seeks to define variation inherent in any process.

The premise of Six Sigma is that variation in a process leads to opportunities for error.

And these opportunities for error lead to opportunities for producing defective products or delivering poor service levels.

This will lead in turn to poor customer satisfaction.

By working to reduce variation and opportunities for error, the Six Sigma method ultimately reduces process costs and increases customer satisfaction and delight.

What will you learn from this Course?

Quality Management

The Fundamentals of Quality Management

Lean Six Sigma

What exactly is Lean Six Sigma?

The History & Evolution of Lean 6 Sigma

The History & Evolution of Lean  6 Sigma

The Applications of Lean Six Sigma

The Applications of Lean Six Sigma

The Different Belts in Lean Six Sigma

The Different Belts in Lean Six Sigma

The Characteristics of Successful Six Sigma Projects

The Characteristics of Successful Six Sigma Projects

DMAIC Philosophy

Lean Six Sigma - The Fundamentals

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Lean Six Sigma concepts and language.

The DMAIC Methodology is presented through self-paced video modules and case studies

Learning can be started or stopped at any time to provide max. scheduling flexibility.

You will have lifetime access to this course.

The meta skills you will learn in this course

The 5 Meta Skills

Analytical Thinking

Solution Based Thinking

Improvement Based Thinking

Reasoning & Ideation Based Thinking

Application Based Thinking

Goal Setting

In today’s competitive world, organizations not only look for highly skilled professionals, but also for Six Sigma professionals, since they possess skills of business transformation.

This course will lay a solid foundation for you to become a transformational leader.

Apart from a positive attitude, leadership, good communication, a good understanding of business processes, the meta skills learnt will help you in accelerating personal as well as professional growth - guaranteed.

Who Should Do This Course?

Students, Graduates
Aspiring for New Jobs
Quality Management
Lean Manufacturing or
Six Sigma Professionals
Quality Management Trainers
Project Management
Business Professionals or
IT Analysts

This Training is all about Execution - So we Skip Past a Lot of Theory and Dive into Actionable Lessons. You will learn through Bite - Sized Videos.

Look What Some of Our Students Are Saying

Lean Six Sigma - The Fundamentals
As a supply chain professional, I also found that the six sigma concepts can be easily applied in supply chain function also.

The videos were self explanatory and contained lots of case studies and quizzes.

The contents was in uniform manner & the video formats are very illustrative. I can say that the program should be mandatory in syllabus for MBA & Engg Graduates.

Nikita Godbole,
Supply Chain Manager,
Pune - India
Lean Six Sigma - The Fundamentals
Its a really an interesting Course covering the fundamentals of lean and six sigma in short and crisp manner. 

There are variety of sections covered to give an insight of what one can do in organization to improve the performance and productivity in short as well as long  term.

Highlights - The practical examples shared by the instructor in the small videos were very handy to understand how one could apply the concepts of lean and six sigma in any type of company. 

Rakshit Kulkarni,
Assistant Manager - HR, 

Mumbai - India
Lean Six Sigma - The Fundamentals
Fantastic program. Enjoyed every bit of it. Lots of examples & quizzes on the different steps in the six sigma philosophy. 

What I particularly liked was the way in which the concepts were explained lucidly, with real life scenarios and applications

Rhishikesh Mantri
Operations Manager
Bengaluru  - India
Lean Six Sigma - The Fundamentals
got into this course immediately after looking after being refered by one of my colleague in office.

I never knew what Lean and Six Sigma meant. But after going through the videos, I was very happy of joining the course. 

The videos were very small, and to the point. All concepts explained nicely. Great course. 

Atul Kulkarni
Software Engineer
Development Analyst
Hyderabad  - India

Our intensive training videos will teach you not only to take the first step towards becoming a committed lean six sigma professional, but also to ensure faster career advancement.

Any Questions?

The course is open to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of lean six sigma principles.

All candidates are eligible for registration and participation regardless of their background and level of experience. 

The program contains 19 lessons in total. Each lesson (bite sized) is less than 5 minutes.

It is recommended that you complete the course within a week's time and revise the same as many number of times as you wish and master the concepts

You will have lifetime access to the course and all future upgrades.

You can review the video lessons as many times as you like and complete the courses at a pace that is most convenient for you.

There would be no exams for this course.

The videos are short, bite sized and self explanatory. This is a small and basic course on the fundamentals of lean six sigma.


The program fee includes everything and there are no additional fees required to learn the foundations of quality management.

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We conduct webinars, coaching and doubt clearing sessions regularly. We will receive invitations from us to attend those.

You can also write to us on professionalcourses@actsol.in with any doubts you have and we will revert back within 2 working days.

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