Interviews Decoded - The Complete Job Interviews Masterclass

This course will teach you how to decode, master and crack any interview. Skills to land your next job. Never to be nervous again!

This course is built not just to provide you with some specific FAQs in Interviews, but to make you a thorough personality to answer challenging questions with ease.

The modules are positioned in such a way that you will walk across the fundamentals and then the advanced concepts, one by one. We have taught, for more than 2 decades, many students and professionals to do this with ease.

This course is designed only for serious candidates aspiring to be a thorough professional to crack any interview with ease.

It is recommended that all the modules are viewed and the concepts learnt are practiced with dedication and sincerity. 

Watch, Listen and learn the art of cracking any interview with ease.
The course features 63 small bite sized video & text lesson/s.
Lots of practical tips and in – depth analysis of the interviewing process.
Get answers to questions fast

You will get to learn

    • The art of crafting a very attractive and powerful resume.
    • No lies, only truth – presented powerfully.
  • The proven 15 success formulas of blazing through the interview process with confidence
  • The secrets of Overcoming Questions on Objections
  • A 7 Part series of Interview FAQs.
  • The The Secrets of answering Case Based & Problem Solving Based Questions
  • Master the subtle psychological aspects of interviews
Build Instant Rapport with the Interviewer
Salary Negotiations:
Learn the art of staying calm during negotiations and walk way with a winning salary negotiated
Master the art of winning a Telephonic Interview
Master the art of winning a Video Interview
  • Master the art of overcoming objections
Master the art of building personal power and get the interviewer to smile at you
Whether you are completely new to the job market, re-entering the workforce or looking to advance your career, this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to dazzle during your next interview.
Plus, you will learn, enjoy and have a skill to use outside of interviewing. You will be able to build your personal power and build an instant rapport with the interviewer
It was very helpful program for my self development. As a HR Manager, I can say that the program has cleared every area of Interview Process, be it on any level. After completion of the modules, I can say - One can definetly clear any Interview or can understand where they are doing mistakes on not getting the success in interview. The contents was in uniform manner & the video formats are very illustrative. I can say that the program should be mandatory in syllabus for MBA & Engg Graduates.

Ajay Dutta,
HR Manager,
Bengaluru - India
Its a really an interesting Course that covers a wide range of audience from freshers to highly experienced  employees. There are variety of sections covered to give an insight of what challenges we may come across in the interview.

Highlights - Secrets of Success in Interview - This section has been put together very well. It's really worth spending few hours which will benefit in the long run. 
The best part was whatever feedback I provided to them during the course was that they took it positive and assured that they will ensure continuous updations and  improvement in the course.

Sagar Joshi,
Technical Instructor, 

Aggreko UK Limited
Fantastic program. Enjoyed every bit of it. Lots of examples & FAQs on various positions were provided.

What I particularly liked was the modules on the traits required by any specific domain expert in cracking their interviews.

Saritha Devpunje,
Chief Executive Officer at Vitesti Research
Web Designer & Business Development Professional
Bengaluru  - India
got into this course of Interviews. The concepts were clearly explained in the videos. There were some things in the initial videos that were already known to me; but it did add some value and gave me a new perspective. The flow of information was pretty good; started with basic introduction and then moved on to different steps of the interview process. All the chapters overall were in sync with my expectations. I am sure that it will help me in my future interview endeavours.
Saurabh G B
Software Engineer
Development Analyst
Pune  - India
Really  liked the speaker / trainer.
A Great Course.
I received a lot of information and a lot of strategies.
Very happy that I enrolled into the course.

Ms Mamta Patil,
Bachelor of Computer Applications,
Web Designer / Developer
Gulbarga - Karnataka - India

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