Interviews Decoded - The Complete Job Interviews Masterclass

The art and science to decode, master and crack any interview with ease.

Facing Interviews Confidently

Interviews Decoded - The Complete Job Interviews Masterclass

Job interviews are intimidating, so feeling nervous about them is understandable.

Interviews can mean meeting new people, having to talk about yourself, and feeling like an impostor who isn't really qualified for the job.

And feeling pressure to improve or change your employment situation, whether for financial reasons or because you are dissatisfied with your current job, adds another layer of anxiety and stress.

However, there are strategies you can use to help alleviate anxiety before an interview

Upscale your Interview Skills. Stay ahead of the Rat Race.
Land your most Desired Job or Project!

Skyrocket chances of your career growth. Learn the skills to blaze through interview process confidently.

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Bite Sized Videos Modules - Total 4.5+ Hrs
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Your Key Takeaways from this Masterclass

You Will Be Able To Remove The Nervousness

Embrace Confidence before & after Interview

You Will Be Able To Ace the Interview

Positively Answer any Question Like a True Pro 

You Will Be Able To Bedazzle the Interviewer

Astound & the Interviewer With Your Captivating Positivity

14 Sections containing 63 HD bite sized videos - 4.5 Hours

Want to know the details of the modules we cover?
Here they are....

Resume Building

Resume Building

Build the most impressive Resume. Use the Golden words, intricate and meticulously crafted.

Present yourself in the most truthful yet captivating manner


15 Interview Success Formulas

Blaze through the Interview Process with Confidence.

Learn the life-changing skill for you. and decode the path of ultimate success and satisfaction in your career

FAQs in Interviews

FAQs in Interviews

Learn how to answer general and impromptu questions thrown at you.

Learn to answer easily any case or situation, or problem solving based questions


Build Instant Rapport with Interviewer

Master the subtle psychological aspects of interviews & build Instant Rapport with Interviewer

Virtual & Telephonic Interviews

Crack Virtual & Telephonic Interviews

Master the art of preparing, scheduling and facing any telephonic or virtual (video) based interviews confidently

Negotiate Salary

Negotiate Salary Like a Professional

Master the art of negotiating your salary like a pro. Learn to ensure that the offer is accepted by your interviewer.


Build your Confidence Before & After Interviews

Learn to keep the calm & what it takes to build your confidence before & after interviews - Go in Smiling & Come Out Smiling

Domain Based Traits

Learn Different Domain Based Traits to Succeed

Learn to figure out / acquire different traits required to answer any domain-specific questions posed by the Interviewer. Learn to master each one of your distinct niches


Get an In - Depth Analysis of Complete Interview Process

With a coherent and constructive detailing, learn the practical tips & in – depth analysis of interviewing process, right from the beginning to the end the interview.


This Training is all about Execution - So we Skip Past a Lot of Theory and Dive into Actionable Lessons. You will learn through Bite - Sized Videos.

Who Should Do This Course?

Fresh Graduates
New Job
New Project
Sales / Marketing
Talent Management

Interviews Decoded - The Complete Job Interviews Masterclass

The intensive training videos will teach you not only crack any interview, but also to start feeling good about yourself.

You will be learning from Experts in HR, Talent Management and Veterans with more than 2 Decades of Industry / Business Experience.

Never Be Nervous Again - Learn to become a well adjusted person

Become one of the most confident professionals

Present yourself to the employer with grace and maturity

Learn 15 Proven Secrets of Cracking any Job / Project Interview Easily

Learn to understand the current recruitment trends and prepare accordingly

Learn to Set Career Goals & be on the Path of Progression

A Weekly Bonus Content - Delivered Right into Your Inbox

Goal Setting

After Completing the Course, a Series of 10 Invaluable Articles / eBooks on Goal Setting - 2 Per Week - Will be Delivered into your Inbox.

This Series will Focus on How to Set Goals & be on the Path of Realizing your Career Dreams.

Look What Our Learners Are Saying

It was very helpful program for my self development. As a HR Manager, I can say that the program has cleared every area of Interview Process, be it on any level.

After completion of the modules, I can say - One can definitely clear any Interview or can understand where they are doing mistakes on not getting the desired success in interview.

The contents was in uniform manner & the video formats are very illustrative. I can say that the program should be mandatory in syllabus for MBA & Engg Graduates.

Interviews Decoded
Ajay Dutta

HR Manager,
Bengaluru - India

I’m no stranger to conducting interviews of candidates as I have 10 years of industry exposure in diverse sectors of industry. I just enrolled  into this courses, just to know what more techniques I too can master, if I attend any interview.

 I saw that every module was stunning. I just  devoured all the modules and it actually  made me want to slap my own face, scream "Eureka!"

It's seriously THAT jam-packed with tremendous insights on what could be the actually psychological forces playing in the mind of an interviewer, while  conducting it. Simply genius content and brilliantly explained by the instructor. Breath taking with hours of super personal tutorial videos, animations - and one more thing - voice quality is simply matured / awesome

Now that I’m armed with the exact tools I need to craft or crack any interview,  my confidence has increased by 200%. 

Interviews Decoded
Nagesh Jagadale
Master of Computer Applications,  Kalaburagi - India

Its a really an interesting Course that covers a wide range of audience from freshers to highly experienced  employees.

There are variety of sections covered to give an insight of what challenges we may come across in the interview.

Highlights - Secrets of Success in Interview - This section has been put together very well. It's really worth spending few hours which will benefit in the long run.

The best part was whatever feedback I provided to them during the course was that they took it positive and assured that they will ensure continuous updation and  improvement in the course.

Interviews Decoded
Sagar Joshi

Technical Instructor,
 Aggreko UK Limited Dubai

Here is what you will learn inside the course

  • Introduction to the Course 
  • Being Successful in an Interview
  • Resume Building Tips
  • The 15 Secrets of Success to Crack Interviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews
  • Mastering The Subtle Psychological Aspects Of Interviews
  • Mastering the STAR Method of Interviews 
  • Types of Interviews
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Final Stages of Interview
  • Interview Questions in Different Scenarios
  • Domain Based Desirable Traits & Interview Questions
  • New Trends in Recruiting
  • Wrapping Up & Final Thoughts
Imposter Syndrome

Don’t let an impostor syndrome derail your next interview.

This course will teach you to quash negative self-concept before you go for an interview to maximize your performance

Any Questions?

The course is open to anyone who wants to upgrade the skills required to master the art of cracking interviews confidently. All candidates are eligible for registration and participation regardless of their background and level of experience. Despite this, it is required that the candidate has:

1) A desire to learn the skills to crack any type of interview or client interactions
2) A desire to learn newer concepts used in building instant rapport with the interviewer

There are enormous benefits of the course but here are the ones that are predominant:  

Students: You learn all the necessary skills of getting any type of job.

Unemployed Professionals or those wishing to switch jobs:

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion; ever wanted to get a better salary hike in a new desired job and handle revenue-generating channels for you or your organization? This is it, This course is for you.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:

You know the fact that every businessman or entrepreneur has to get projects from customers or clients. So they have to attend interviews and crack them. This course will help them to scale business with new project deals easily.

The program contains 63 modules. Each module (bite sized) is less than 5 minutes. The total length of the course is 4+ hours.

 It is recommended that you complete the program in a week's time and revise the same as many number of times as you wish and master the concepts.

We have been practicing this art since 2004, and 25+ total years of Experience, Learning, Case Studies are covered in just 63 Videos.

63 Videos = 4.5 Hours of Content.

Well to say the least, we will be surprised if you could keep up to this level of Knowledge in 4.5 hours.

There is no waiting whatsoever, you get instant access to all the Videos.

You will have access for lifetime to the course and all future upgrades till the access validity.

 You can review the video lessons as many times as you like and complete the courses at a pace that is most convenient for you, during the access period.

None! The program fee includes everything and there are no additional fees required to master the art of cracking any interview.

You will be confident to attend any interview if you practice the techniques taught in the course.

Yes, you can.

Just scroll down and see the curriculum details.

We conduct webinars, coaching and doubt clearing sessions regularly. We will receive invitations from us to attend those.

You can also write to us on with any doubts you have and we will revert back within 2 working days.


You can watch the videos as many times as you want till the course validity period

A Community (of the enrolled students) you can join & interact, exchange ideas & learn from others.

Yes, as mentioned above, there is a Community Feature available when you access the course.

You can interact on the platform & exchange ideas & information.