Speaking for Impact

Boost your confidence.
Develop Superstar Speaking Skills through this Program

The Top Signs That You Need To Work on Your Speaking Skills

  • You struggle to speak confidently while interacting with others
  • You have difficulty in initiating conversation with unknown people
  • You wish to win in crucial conversations but are not able to
  • You feel uncomfortable during awkward and embarrassing talks / conversations
  • You hesitate while speaking in groups / meetings
  • You feel uncomfortable while delivering presentations
  • You dread speaking in front of large audience
  • You feel nervous before and after attending an interview or client interactions
  • You are unable to persuade others to accept your point of view

Upscale your Speaking Skills. Stay Ahead of the Rat Race.

Skyrocket chances of your Personal & Professional growth. Learn the skills to present your ideas Infront of anybody

How to improve Communication Skills - Speaking for Impact

Communication is key to your success; in relationships, in the workplace, as a citizen of your country, and across your lifetime.

Communication proficiencies are consistently ranked high in the top desirable skills by employer surveys year after year. Speaking well is very important. And there’s a circular relationship between speaking and listening.

Good speakers tend to be better listeners, and visa versa.

Your speaking abilities have some very important outcomes.

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The Course Benefits for You Are Multifold

This course is designed to give you both the tools you need to improve your speaking skills, and the most successful strategies for using them to your advantage.

You'll learn how to speak with confidence, poise, calmness and maturity. You will also discover if someone is lying and how to react if they really are.

You will learn how to develop trust, the best methods of speaking for persuasion, delivering great presentations and influence people with your authentic style, charm and charisma.

You'll also learn how to initiate conversations with anyone, ask suitable questions, engage in active listening, and choose the right medium (face-to-face conversation, video conference or phone call) for your messages.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to understand exactly what others want, then respond strategically to their wants and needs by crafting clear, concise & convincing messages, be it with your peers, bosses, customers or clients.

You will be able to develop all the critical speaking skills needed to get ahead in personal & professional life.

In short, you will be able to learn how to speak with impact, to enable achieving of your goals.  

The Key Takeaways For You From This Course...

Remove Nervousness In Initiating Conversations

Establish Stellar Confidence to Speak In Front of Anyone

Unconsciously Influence

Make Your Conversations More Meaningful

Overcome Communication Challenges

Crack the Toughest of Interviews Easily

Navigate Verbal Aggressiveness, and Disrespectful Behaviour

Get the Attention, Appreciation, Love, and Respect you Deserve

Become a Master Storyteller that People will Want to Listen to

Learn progressively - through 25 Sections, 77 HD bite sized video modules

Want to know the details of the modules we cover?
Here they are...

Fundamentals of Communication

Fundamentals of Communication

Learn the basics and fundamentals of communication. Understand the process of communication and the models.

Psychology in Effective Speaking

Psychology in Effective Speaking

Learn the subtle psychological states and impacts on you as a speaker and the listener.

Techniques of Effective Listening

Techniques of Effective Listening

Learn why listening skills are important in the communication process and the different strategies can be used for impact.

CR (Connection / Rapport) Factors Framework

CR (Connection / Rapport) Factors Framework

Learn how confidence and rapport play an important role in the process of conveying your message to the listener, clearly.

Voice and Tone Control

Voice and Tone Control

Learn the strategies of controlling your voice and tonality to ensure that the listener likes the way in which you are speaking and respects you.

Speaking Without Words

Speaking Without Words

Master the art of using your body and the subtle cues that can be used to convey your message to the listener without actually speaking them out

Delivering Small Talks Skillfully

Delivering Small Talks Skillfully

Master the art of initiating conversations, through small talks, their nuances their purpose, and the different talks to initiate the conversation smoothly. 

Starting a Conversation Easily

Starting a Conversation Easily

Master the different types of strategies use to start a conversation, the icebreaker questions, to ensure that the conversation start is smooth.

Speaking Effectively on Telephone

Speaking Effectively on Telephone

Learn the techniques to conduct yourself while speaking on telephone. Master its etiquettes / mannerisms.

The Ladder of Inference

The Ladder of Inference

Learn this concept that will help you to understand the thinking steps that can lead you to jump to wrong conclusions, helping you to get back to hard reality and facts.

Effective Questioning Techniques

Effective Questioning Techniques

Master the different types of questions you should ask the listener to elicit a  desirable response, in line with the goal of the conversation.

Managing Crucial Conversations

Managing Crucial Conversations

Learn the ways of dealing with crucial conversations, which are spontaneous which come up when you are unprepared, or vulnerable to the effects.

Presenting Skillfully

Presenting Skillfully

Learn to crush the presentation nerves and deliver impactful presentations in front of any audience, small or big.

Delivering Powerpoint Presentations

Delivering Powerpoint Presentations

Learn the subtle methods of delivering PowerPoint presentations effectively.

Virtual Speaking Skills

Virtual Speaking Skills

Master the art of speaking on virtual platform, including the conduct and the mannerisms required.

Assertive Speech Skills

Assertive Speech Skills

Learn the different communication styles and how one can become a good assertive communicator easily.

Persuasive Speech Skills

Persuasive Speech Skills

Learn the art & method of persuading the listener to accept your view point, to walk out with a Yes, from the listener / audience.

Techniques of Storytelling

Techniques of Storytelling

Understand the science & the elements behind storytelling, the techniques and the  methods to tell them impactfully.

Authentic Speech Skills

Authentic Speech Skills

Learn the techniques of speaking authentically, when you are talking about any changes & disruptions in organizational scenarios / context.

Trust and Respect in Communication

Trust and Respect in Communication

Learn how you can gain trust & respect from the listener or audience, before & after speaking with them.

Group Discussion Skills

Group Discussion Skills

Master the subtle dynamics of group discussions and how you could speak effectively with maximum impact, gaining respect from the group members.

Speaking Effectively in Interview Situations

Speaking Effectively in Interview Situations

a) How to bedazzle the interviewer, answer any question with calmness, grace and maturity.
b) The secrets of what it takes to build an instant rapport with the interviewer with your charm and charisma.

Managing Misunderstandings and Awkwardness in Conversations

Managing Misunderstandings and Awkwardness in Conversations

Learn the:
a) Methods to prevent misunderstandings in conversations.
b) Methods to navigate through uncomfortable / awkward scenarios during conversations.

Who Should Do This Course?

Fresh Graduates
New Job
Sales / Marketing
Managers or

The intensive training videos will not only teach you to speak effectively, but also to start feeling good about yourself.

The course is designed by communication experts, veterans from industry and academia.

Never be nervous again - learn to become a confident speaker

Become the centre of attraction in groups / gatherings

Build your reputation as a great speaker

Bedazzle the interviewer with your charm & charisma

Win any conversation with grace and ease

A Weekly Bonus Content - Delivered Right into Your Inbox

After Completing the Course, a Series of 10 Invaluable Articles / eBooks on Goal Setting - 2 Per Week - Will be Delivered into your Inbox.

This Series will Focus on How to Set Goals & be on the Path of Realizing your Career Dreams.

Look What Our Learners Are Saying

The course is very well designed. It has all the topics I was looking for before enrolling into the program.

The thing that I like the most was the concept taught in the ladder of inference and the persuasive techniques an effective speaker must follow to get the desired responses from the audience.

After completion of the modules, I can say - One can definitely become an effective speaker and communicate with confidence and impact.

The contents was in uniform manner & the video formats are very illustrative.

I can say that the program should be mandatory in syllabus for MBA & Engg Graduates.

Speaking for Impact
Soumya S B

Senior Process Associate,
Bank of New York Mellon

I always struggled to initiate a conversation with a new person or stranger.

After taking up this course, I am proud to say that I can now speak with anyone with confidence and with poise.

Another thing that I liked in the course was about the concept of storytelling and how one can use them in  organizational settings. The examples and strategies of using the techniques were really helpful for me to grasp the concepts easily.

Now that I’m armed with all the tools taught in the program, my confidence has increased by 200%.

The program gives  tremendous insights to become a super speaker.

Speaking for Impact
Nagesh Jagadale
Master of Computer Applications,  Kalaburagi - India

Its a really a fantastic  course that covers a wide range of audience from freshers to highly experienced  communicators.

I never imagined that in such a short span of time, I could learn all the things required to become a great communicator.

While this course doesnot cover writing skills, it gives insights on how one can also use the tools taught in this course, to craft written messages also.

I had taken up lots of eLearning courses earlier on communication skills, but this course gave me clarity on speaking skills, which everyone must have to put their point across to the listener.

Highly recommended course!

Speaking for Impact
John Smith

Software Tester / QA Checker,
Johannesburg - South Africa

Any Questions?

The course is open to anyone who wants to improve or upgrade their speaking skills. All candidates are eligible for registration and participation regardless of their background and level of experience. Despite this, it is required that the candidate has:

1) A desire to learn the skills taught in the course - over a period of 9 days.

2) A desire to practice the concepts taught in the course.

There are enormous benefits of the course but here are the ones that are predominant:  

Students or Freshers: You learn all the necessary skills of speaking effectively and presenting your ideas in front of anyone.

Unemployed Professionals or those wishing to switch jobs:

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion; ever wanted to get a better salary hike in a new desired job and handle revenue-generating channels for you or your organization? This is it, This course is for you.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:

You know the fact that every businessman or entrepreneur has to get projects from customers or clients.

So they must have the skills to present, negotiate and persuade their customers / clients to buy their products or services.

This requires to master the art of skillful speaking. This course will teach all of these.

The program contains 77 modules. Each module (bite sized) between 5 & 10 minutes. The total length of the course is 7.5+ hours.

It is recommended that you complete the program in a span of 9 days and revise the same as many number of times as you wish and master the concepts.

We have been practicing this art since 2004, and 25+ total years of Experience, Learning, Case Studies are covered in just 77 Videos.

77 Videos = 7.5 Hours of Content.

Well to say the least, we will be surprised if you could keep up to this level of Knowledge in 4.5 hours.

There is no waiting whatsoever, you get instant access to all the the learning modules + the capsules at the end of each module.

You will have access for lifetime to the course and all future upgrades till the access validity.

You can review the video lessons as many times as you like and complete the courses at a pace that is most convenient for you, during the access period.

None! The program fee includes everything and there are no additional fees required to master the art of speaking with impact.

You will become a confident person to deliver your point across to the listener / audience, after going through this course.

Yes, you can.

Just scroll up and see the section on - Here is what you will get to learn in the course.

We conduct webinars, coaching and doubt clearing sessions regularly. We will receive invitations from us to attend those.

You can also write to us on professionalcourses@actsol.in with any doubts you have and we will revert back within 2 working days.


You can watch the videos as many times as you want till the course validity period.

A Community (of the enrolled students) you can join & interact, exchange ideas & learn from others.

Yes, as mentioned above, there is a Community Feature available when you access the course.

You can interact on the platform, exchange ideas & information with the community members.